Mica Shields & Mica Gaskets

Mica Shields & Mica Gaskets

We are engaged in offering a wide range of mica shields and mica gaskets which is widely used in the protection of gauge glasses. They protect these gauge glasses under high pressure situations and for flexible control of water and other fluids. These shields are produced using high quality muscovite natural mica taken from our mines and the raw materials are punched and cut with high accuracy for perfect dimension and thickness.

Our mica shields and gaskets provide good strength, service life for glasses and can monitor the degree of combustion in blast furnaces in various steam boilers. With the help of high optimum visibility clear readings of water or steam in boiler drums can be observed safely. Mica gaskets can be used as good thermal insulation in electronic components and are applicable up to instead of 1800°F use temp in °C. (i.e. 983°C). Our mica shields and mica gaskets are well known for their properties like good tensile and bending strength, resistance against corrosion and low heat conductivity.

Features of Mica Shields & Mica Gaskets

  • Increases the service life of sight glasses.
  • Hard, flat and transparent.
  • Free from air inclusions.
  • High optimum visibility.

Applications of Mica Shields & Mica Gaskets

  • They provide clear vision of liquid levels in turbines, flow indicators, boilers and heaters.
  • They are also used in gas turbines and exhaust pipes.
  • Used in the protection of gauge glasses.

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