Cut Mica

Cut Mica

We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Cut Mica in India. We produce these parts from high quality raw mica with good physical and chemical properties to ensure quality products. We offer Punched/Machined Mica Parts like Plates, Circles, Washers, Strips, pipes etc, in different dimensions/drawings/specifications. Our Cut Mica are well appreciated and supplied through out the world.

Our mica tubes are made from Muscovite and Phologpite materials and are widely appreciated for high mechanical strength, thermal and electrical insulation. Mica tapes are used in high voltage armature coils and wrapping bent conductors where very high mechanical strength is required.Mica washers have low thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion, mechanical strength and are widely used in electro-magnets, micro sensitive control gear etc. these products well known in the market and available in industrial leading prices.

Features of Cut Mica

  • High durability.
  • Longer shelf life.
  • Good mechanical and dielectric strength.
  • High thermal insulation.
  • High quality and resistance.
  • Available in leading prices.

Applications of Cut Mica

  • Our Cut Mica is extensively used as an insulating material, owing to its excellent dielectric strength, low power loss factor and high voltage resistance.

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