Sodium Hexametaphosphate

Sodium Hexametaphosphate

SHMP is one kind of polymer, which is transparent glass flakes or white powder crystal.

Technical Data Sheet:

Parameter Industrial Grade
Total Phosphate, as P2O5 % 68.0 Min

Inactive Phosphate, as P2O5 %

7.5 Max
Iron, as Fe % 0.01 Max
Ph Value (1% solution) 5.8-6.5
Water Insoluble % 0.05 Max
Fineness (Through 60 Mesh) 85% Min

Features of Sodium Hexametaphosphate

  • Become sticky after moisture absorption.
  • Easy to be wet in air.
  • Highly soluble in water.
  • Acidic aqueous solution.
  • Easy to hydrolyze or form phosphite.
  • Specific Gravity is 2.7 - 2.8 (average)

Applications of Sodium Hexametaphosphate

  • High-efficiency softener for cooling water treatment in power stations, rolling stock, boilers and in fertilizer plants.
  • Detergent additives, control or anti-corrosion agents.
  • Used in medicine as rust preventive for drilling pipes and to control the viscosity of the slurry during oil drilling.
  • Acidic aqueous solution.
  • Fabric printing, tanning, paper making, colour film, soil analysis, radiochemistry, analytical chemistry and in other departments.

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