Micanite Boards

Micanite Boards

We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Micanite Boards which is available in both muscovite and phologite. Mica Paper Board is a constituted muscovite mica paper, which impregnated, bonded with heat resisting silicone resin. Mica Papers are pressed under heat and high pressure to form rigid sheets. These are processed using advanced technology based machines to provide in them needed finish quality.

These boards have good mechanical, electrical and thermal properties. Our Micanite Board is hard, rigid and available in silver brownish color. They can withstand temperature up to 500 C and are highly durable. We offer these boards in different grades as per the customer's requirements.

Features of Micanite Boards

  • Produced from quality raw materials.
  • Highly durable and posses high strength.
  • Good resistance to radiation.
  • High temperature stability.
  • These boards have fine finish.
  • Available in different grades and affordable prices.

Applications of Micanite Boards

  • Designed for use in electromechanical & thermo-mechanical applications
  • Used as replacement for asbestos & other insulating boards

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